Kaizen: The practice of continuous improvement
connecting your body and mind.

Our Name

KAIZEN (a Japanese term meaning the practice of continuous improvement) describes our approach to treatment. We aim to continuously improve our thinking, our methodology and our techniques as wellness practitioners, always striving to better understand the mind and body connection in our practices.

Our Philosophy

We offer the best  physiotherapy, pilates, and massage therapy solutions we can for you to regain and achieve strength, balance, alignment, flexibility and endurance to do the things that you love to do.

Our History

Kaizen Physiotherapy Group Inc. (formerly Advanced Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic) was created by Rosa Maria (PT) and her husband Juan Echevarria (MT) in 2002, and started as a small clinic attached to their home. As a PT for many years, Rosa taught and prescribed hundreds of exercise routines for her clients’ rehabilitation to help them become stronger and relieve their pain. Rosa noticed that without the consistency provided by their regular physiotherapy program, discharged clients often experienced relapses in their pain or symptoms.  After discovering Pilates, Rosa found that it was the perfect complimentary form of exercise to maintain and support the positive effects of rehabilitation.  Rosa decided that the clinic must bring the benefits of Pilates to Kaizen clients. Fast forward to today and Kaizen now brings a 360° wellness approach to its clientele, offering Physiotherapy, Pilates and Massage Therapy services with the philosophy that all who come through our doors can “continually improve” their wellness through the coordination of “mind, body and spirit” for life.

Our Clinic

Our first location was a small studio attached to our home here in Etobicoke. As the clinic grew, we decided to move to a larger space in the Village of Islington.  We wanted to offer a wider variety of quality services to anyone in our community working towards enjoying movement again with support and understanding, in a comfortable and safe environment. We renovated in 2018 to modernize and expand our physiotherapy  and massage offerings on the clinic’s main level, and also to include a brand new small group Pilates studio with Six Balanced Body Allegro Reformers with Jump Boards and a springboard on the lower level.




Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Sharon has been part of our team for over 10 years. She welcomes everyone with a big smile and ensures clients are looked after in a timely manner.  Sharon truly understands that good customer service starts at the front desk.

With her friendly demeanor, she strives to make each client visit a positive experience. When not at work Sharon enjoys walking, practicing Pilates and reading.