“one-on-one Pilates At Kaizen Helped Me Strengthen
My Core After Delivering Triplets!”
- Oksana K

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. Pilates called his method “Contrology”. It is practiced worldwide, especially in Western countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and also Brazil, Australia.

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, muscle balance and body awareness.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates can have a positive impact on your health, without taking a toll on your body like many other fitness protocols do.  Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity of repetition, extreme resistance or load.

Pilates provides a refreshing mind-body workout that develops a strong core, lean muscles and a more balanced body.  It helps you learn how to move efficiently, improve sports performance and prevent injuries.

Pilates Reformer Group Classes:

The Pilates Reformer is the quintessential piece of equipment in the Pilates repertoire. You will build strength, flexibility and coordination using this spring-based pulley resistance training machine. Our small group classes (max 6) encourage an intimate learning environment and allows for our instructors to provide corrections during class.

The Reformer offers limitless variety and versatility to the Pilates exercises. You will learn to improve your posture, strengthen your core, back, arms and legs and, most importantly, you will become more in tune with your mind-body awareness.


Pilates Private Classes:

One-on-one training is a great way to focus on your individual goals. You will restore posture-related imbalances, increase flexibility and improve your strength. Your workout program will be tailored to your body’s specific needs. It is also great for people who may be intimidated by a group class scenario but excel in a one-on-one learning environment.

With the instructor’s undivided attention, your program will be able modified and will advance according to your pace and fitness level. The instructor will provide movement corrections specific to you, and help you reach your goals most efficiently. We adapt and change the program based on your changing needs.

During private sessions, you can also work with other pieces of Pilates equipment like the Balanced Body Springboard, for added diversity and complexity to your routine.

Who will get the most benefit from the Private Pilates Classes?

If You Are New To Pilates:

A handful of private sessions as a beginner is a great way to learn the basic principles of Pilates and orient yourself to the studio and the equipment, prior to joining group classes.

What if you have been taking group classes and want to improve your technique?

Taking a private session from time to time is a good way to have a Pilates professional review your form. In the individual session, the instructor can give specific feedback for improvement, which the client can apply to their group sessions.

Pilates Semi-private Classes

You will have all the same benefits of the Private sessions, but you can experience it all with a friend! Having a partner can be encouraging, and can foster commitment and motivation. You will inspire eachother to make positive changes! You will need to bring your own partner. This option is best when both clients are at a similar level.

The Studio

Our studio is equipped with Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers. They are modern, beautiful and easy-to-use. They are comfortable and adjustable for various heights and body types. A Reformer is a spring-based pulley resistance training machine used in the Pilates method. One of the unique features of this reformer is the sliding footbar. With this option, we’re able to provide even more versatility in the exercises that we offer on the Reformer.

We also incorporate small props into our classes and private sessions. We will use flexbands, fitness circles, toning balls and stability cushions to further challenge you during your workout as well as provide variety and fun!

Our Instructors

Our instructors at Kaizen Pilates are committed to improving your well-being and dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We come from a variety of different backgrounds, but we share a mutual love and passion for movement. We bring to our clients knowledge and care, supporting them every step of the way on their health and fitness journey.

Barbara Czyzowski
Pilates Instructor

After 15 rewarding years in the marketing industry, I made the wonderful transition to teaching Pilates.

I had discovered Pilates during my corporate career; it helped me address flexibility and postural issues that I had developed from working in a corporate environment. I was amazed at how my body responded – I moved and felt better and it showed. As I increased my Pilates practice, so did the benefits to my body. I know that I am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago, even though my body will always be a work in progress! I pursued Pilates teaching because I became excited about sharing the benefits that I experience every day. I loved coaching and mentoring in my corporate career – doing so as a Pilates instructor is a natural extension of that. I love how Pilates can benefit every body, regardless of fitness, weight, or age. No matter your lifestyle, a healthy, strong, flexible body is important. I bring energy and enthusiasm to all that I do, and I am particularly excited to help share the benefits of Pilates with others.

Additional certifications:

  • Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates
  • Therapeutic Pilates for individuals with injuries and or limited mobility

Joanna Webb
Pilates Instructor

Left-handed with two left feet, I never thought I’d move into a career in movement. I’m active but I’m not a dancer, gymnast or athlete. I’m more of a thinker and a listener that likes to keep moving. It turns out that these are the ingredients of Pilates. As a thinker, Pilates makes my brain light up and connect to my body to make movement feel fluid and amazing. As a listener, I absorb the information my body shouts or whispers to me as I move through one motion or another. I like to think of Pilates as exercise for the “thinking” man or woman, and movement as the language our bodies speak. My brain and body became hooked over 15 years ago and after a career transition I decided to become fully fluent in the language of Pilates, becoming a certified Balanced Body Instructor in 2017.

Additional certifications:

  • Therapeutic Pilates for individuals with injuries and or limited mobility

Wendy Young
Pilates Instructor

Wendy became an avid fitness enthusiast over the years, constantly curious to explore different methods of fitness. After discovering Pilates during a minor back injury, she decided to continue to explore further. She was amazed at how Pilates taught her how to connect the mind to the body and how this crossed over to her other athletic pursuits. She started to notice how Pilates improved and progressed her overall fitness level and complemented her everyday fitness regime.

Her passion for the method led her to take the full certification in STOTT PILATES in 2017. As an instructor, she applies her creativity, using her keen observations to better understand how others move, and to create movement that the body needs. She loves to continually learn and finds teaching very rewarding. There’s nothing more gratifying to her than helping others achieve their fitness and rehab goals.

Additional certifications:

  • Injuries and Special Population

Sooji Park
Pilates Instructor

Over 10 years, Sooji has been doing yoga and Pilates more casually. It was her passion for Pilates that led her to complete full certification in STOTT Pilates.

A few years ago, she had a small accident with a bicycle, that injured one of her knees. Since then, she has been eagerly working out with various kinds of exercises but found that Pilates contribute the most in her recovery.

This made her realize that she wants to become a Pilates Instructor to assist others in their recovery.  After researching several programs, she opted to Stott Pilates Comprehensive program at Merrithew in Toronto.

Sooji loves to update herself with the help of various courses in accordance to provide the best services for her client’s well-being.

Additional certifications:

  • Injuries and Special Population
  • Total Barre Certification
  • Low back disorder; Evidence-based Prevention and Rehabilitation Certification
  • Pre-natal & Post-natal Certification
  • Body Posture Correction Specialist Certification
  • Mal-alignment & Corrective Exercise Certification

Katherine Allen
Pilates Instructor

Katherine has practiced Pilates since 2015. Her love and passion for Pilates led her to complete here certification in STOTT Pilates in 2019.

This helped her attaining a deeper knowledge of the biomechanics principles of Pilates, which helped her to plan and execute programs to improve the client’s posture. She enjoys working with people to help them understand their body better and bring more awareness to their movement patterns.

Katherine aims to help her clients to achieve their fitness goals, improve their well-being and relieve pain. She is motivated to help everyone use movement to make them strong, happy, and more energetic.

Kim Bajer
Pilates Instructor

Kim has been in the Fitness Industry, teaching Pilates mat and Reformer, Aqua Fit, Spin, Body flow, New Body, Gravity Group Classes for over 20 years. She holds a diploma in Certified Pilates Comprehensive Teacher.

She has a keen interest in keeping herself updated with the help of various continuing education certifications, including but not limited to Pilates with Therabands and Weighted Balls, Breathing Mechanics, Core Integrity. In addition, she is a Certified Integrated Movement Therapist, Certified Level 3 ELDOA practitioner and a Certified WaterART Instructor.

Kim loves to ask WHY, which has led her to where she is today with the Art of Movement, her chosen career. She also enjoys teaching ballet and modern dance.

Never be shy to ask her WHY about anything in class!

Cassie Kirkos
Pilates Instructor

Cassie has received her Pilates certification in Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector. Prior to starting her Pilates career, she was working in the field of social work doing child protection. 

After spending many years on her own fitness goals Cassie felt like it was time for a change and enrolled herself in a Pilates teacher training program at Club Pilates. 

Cassie enjoys working with clients, helping them work towards their health and lifestyle goals. She appreciates the improvements and focuses on progressing the exercises based on her client’s needs.


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