Virtual Care

Kaizen is offering virtual care!

Our Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructors are here for you if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, but still want to be active and work on your rehabilitation.

To ensure your needs are addressed, we are offering virtual Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for those who have rehabilitation needs. For further information about virtual treatment, please refer to our FAQ  and to book a virtual assessment please contact us.


What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

It means remote delivery of healthcare services from a distance, utilizing video-conferencing and/or phone when in-person is not possible due to restrictions implemented such as with COVID-19, or other restrictions.

Is Virtual Physiotherapy appropriate for me?

It is an option to access physiotherapy assessment and/or treatment while in-person services is not possible or available.

This would enable continued access to physiotherapy, and prevent interruptions during the period of social distancing recommended by Public Health safety officials and/or  any other reason that prevents in-person interventions.

What can Virtual Physiotherapy services do for me?

  • Virtual (no hands-on) assessment and/or re-assessment of your new or existing conditions.
  • Provide consultation with your physiotherapist/and or members of your team
  • Monitor your progress and adjust your treatment program
  • Follow up and supervise exercise programs post-surgery, post fracture immobilization period, post MVA, Stroke, ABI programs
  • Home strengthening, balance, stability and functional exercises
  • Posture and sleeping advice
  • Ergonomic advice (in your own home – ask us those questions and show us exactly the issues or concerns you have with your home office, how you sleep, etc.)
  • Education

What equipment do I need for my Virtual Physiotherapy appointment?

You will require one of the following:

  • a computer with video/microphone
  • a laptop or tablet
  • a smartphone

How effective and safe will my Virtual Physiotherapy appointment be compared to my in-person sessions?

Although Virtual Physiotherapy does not replace the in-person experience, it could be highly effective and safe as long there is good communication and planning between you and your physiotherapist prior to the session.

As an example, discuss location of treatment, placement of computer/camera or tablet, or phone and/or any props for the session such as elastic bands, small weights/can of soup, a chair are a few of the things that maybe use during a session.

In addition, discussion involving consent to have personal support during your session, in case the physiotherapist is concerned with your safety and may or may not ask for assistance of a caregiver or family member as long you are in agreement.

How do I connect to my physiotherapist?

Once you call our office and make an appointment you will receive an email link (invitation from your physiotherapist to join the meeting from zoom platform) with instructions, it will include a confirmation of date and time for your appointment. You DO NOT need to download any software to connect with your physiotherapist.

Will my personal information be protected and secured with Virtual Physiotherapy?

At Kaizen Physiotherapy Group, we will use platform that complies with the privacy protocols required by the College of Physiotherapy of Ontario. Your physiotherapist will be assessing and potentially treating you through Virtual Physiotherapy from a private setting and consent for its services will be discussed and documented prior to beginning your session.

Will these Virtual Physiotherapy sessions be recorded?

Your virtual Physiotherapy sessions will not be recorded unless either parts request it and you provide consent to your physiotherapist to do so. If consent is received and your session is recorded it will be documented accordingly with our college regulation.

Is Virtual Physiotherapy service covered by 3rd party insurers?

Most insurance companies cover Virtual Physiotherapy services. However, it is quite a new service, so we encourage you to communicate with your providers/ personal health insurance for approval prior to commencing treatment.

Do you need to know more about Virtual Physiotherapy at Kaizen Physiotherapy Group Inc.?

Our office is open  from Monday to Friday between 9 to 7 pm. Please, give us a call and we will assist you to book an appointment and/or respond to your questions and if we do not answer, we will return your call as soon as we can.  Alternatively, send us an email with your questions.